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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I've learnt to treat polls with a pinch of salt

We should bomb Syria say 60% of Britons...
...Because ISIS have made an unprovoked attack on civilians in a democratic society in another country that happens to be Britain's ally. Not because some cartoons were drawn of their pretend prophet.

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A society which, it would appear, does not have sufficiently rigorous academic standards, assuming that you're British.

"have some sympathy for motives behind Charlie Hebdo attacks" is not the same thing as "support the attacks". I sympathise with people who want less federal government in the US and more state control; that does not mean that I support lunatics who attempt to shoot up Washington D.C., even if they espouse "small federal government" as a motive.
Sorry, but what the hell does it mean then? This case is black and white. Either you think people should suffer violence for insulting your religion or you don't.
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