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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Is the Qu'ran not said to be the literal word of God?

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Are extremists not the purest of Muslims as they do not cherry pick?
I suppose but already you're getting into the problem of definitions. If extremist=fundamentalist, yes you're correct. If extremist=shoots a lot of people then no, you're probably not correct. Just because you think you're following some rules doesn't mean you actually are.

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If some "number of desperate and marginalised people being lied to about their religion by a small number of people who want power", do you mean that the ones translating the scripts are lying?
yes, or taking small excerpts out of context so as to obfuscate their meaning.

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Has anyone read the Qu'ran in it's original classical Arabic and who understands the language, can anyone confirm whether or not all the stuff about pushing gay people off cliffs is really in there?
It isn't in there, although homosexuality is proscribed as in the Old Testament.

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and if the book is the literal word of Allah or not?
Can't tell you that I'm afraid.

It isn't all as simple as reading the Quran and doing what it says. Almost no one can actually understand it.

I know that sounds weird because everyone speaks Arabic in the middle east (but they don't at all in eg Pakistan) so, since the language we're writing in here is English, here's a text in English from around the same sort of time as the Quran, see what you think.

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