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Re: Diet pills

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I want to lose weight?
Eat less and exercise more. If calories in is less than calories out then you will lose weight

But I want to continue big chocolate cakes?
You will need to exercise a lot

But I don't like exercise.
Don't eat big cakes then

I want a shortcut to get thin!
There is no shortcut to get thin - assuming thin = healthy - which it doesn't. Eat less, exercise more

It is a genetic problem!
Genetically you have been given hands with pick up food and put into your genetic mouth

I have big bones
No you don't, your bones are give or take the same size. You eat too much and don't exercise enough

I talked to my doctor at home and he said I should get surgery?
I would recommend amputation of your hands. This will stop you picking up food and putting it your mouth

You're not being very nice
I am being truthful. Sometimes the truth hurts. But don't worry, eat a chocolate cake, that will make you feel better

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i have now read your odd posts that pop up and i feel terrible sorry for you.
you hide behind a screen and are mean and nasty.
i would love to see you speak like this face to face. i would bet good money that you would mind your p's and q's then.
does it make you feel like a bigger, better person to speak this way to others?
do you speak to your parents this way? to your spouse? to your children?
im sure you will have some wonderful words of wisdom for us all, i cant wait....
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