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Re: Moving from London to Zurich

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We're looking for somewhere with 2 bedrooms (3.5 rooms) for around 3,000- 3,500 francs a month. Areas we heard were nice were around Kilchberg, Horgen and Thalwil. We'd be willing not to be too close to the lake as understand this costs more but would want some public transport as not sure will we get a car yet......
Unless prices have shot up without me knowing, that sort of budget should be fine. The areas you mention are generally nice, but don't think of Horgen as an outer limit. With the frequent trains along the lake you can include Wädenswil, Richterswil etc. too.

Rather than being physically "close to the lake", I reckon it's better to have a nice view of it. Nearly everywhere will have buses to take you down to the local station.

I can't say much about the various services offered, except to say that it's definitely good to get some paid assistance if language and procedures are unfamiliar.

Regarding number of viewings, it's hard to predict. We arranged 5 (with the help of my HR dept.) but number 2 was the one we knew was right, so we cancelled the rest.

I can relate to your excitement, even after 6+ years. Before getting here, we spent months reading this forum about all the different towns and supermarkets, and marvelling at some of the squabbling about whether Switzerland is heaven on earth or a tedious nightmare (more like the former IMO, but YMMV).

For most people it's a great move but don't underestimate the dangers of 'trailing spouse' syndrome. With a baby you're possibly at an advantage as your hands will be full, as it were, and you'll no doubt find yourself socialising with other mums. But be mindful that the average Swiss family is quite different from the average "@Irishfamily", so don't expect too much traditional craic. People have fun here, to be sure, but pleasures are generally more wholesome and innocent, like trying to tie up a neater block of magazines for recycling than your neighbours.

Good luck, and welcome.
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