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Opinion sought: Swiss Driving License /Eye Test / D1E


I am coming up to 1 year in Switzerland so need to get my Swiss License sorted ASAP.

I would like to understand more about what the Swiss DL eyesight requirements are and determine if you think I should get my eyes retested because I went for an eye test on Friday.

I passed but was told my eyesight was not good enough to retain Category D1E - this seems to be towing a trailer behind a minibus, something I have never done and probably never will. But I feel like I should defend this right...

My eyes are an odd case - poor detail vision in left eye, perfect right eye/-1/-0.5 depending where I go. I have previously received a +1 left eye, -0.5 right eye prescription but have never needed glasses for driving.

I went for my eye test at 5pm on Friday, and I was tired. The eye test then seemed to be performed in the dark. Very poor light in any case. This was in the back of the glasses shop on ground floor in Sihl City. I then struggled initially because I didn't reaslise I was looking for numbers..... I was looking for letters! Could the loss of category D1E be down to non-performance of my left eye therefore unavoidable?

So my options are:

1. Do nothing and send off form to wherever it goes
2. Get my eyes retested at the same place after a good sleep
3. Get my eyes retested at the same place after a good sleep and wear the contact lenses I have somewhere to tweak my eyes as much as possible.
4. Go somewhere else and try to get my eyes tested in daylight, and look out for numbers instead of letters!

What do you think?


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