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Re: What options does an American have?

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Some of the ridiculous stuff that gets posted on this forum astounds me.

You know I'd quite like to live in Australia, or maybe the US... but I don't go on OZ/US forums asking for ways to get around the system. I CAN'T live there ... unless I retrain for a job that would get me a Visa or marry an Aussie/Yank. End of Story!!

I have nothing against economic migrants or asylum seekers (I am an immigrant in Switzerland)... but people who think they are entitled to do they they want and the rules don't apply to them really PISS ME OFF!
You could apply for a work permit for either country and be approved, many do this, but of course if you had a previous overstay you wouldn't be approved

I am just baffled that someone would tell the OP that Americans can get away with being an overstay so easily. I can't see how this is possible in the slightest. I mean you may get a border officer who doesn't care but what if you don't? You get an denial and deported. The rules are only getting stricter not easier over the years.

I know an American photographer recently went to the UK thinking, "Oh I can go work and just pretend to be a tourist" well 1 look at their phone and they where on the next flight back. A bride had to find a new photographer within 36 hours of her wedding.

I do not know why people think border control is so easy these days, it's not!
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