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Re: Divorce question : Cheating wife

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She doesn't have a job though according to the OP.
My wrong, scanned and missed the 'no'.

In which case, she may lose her permit- fine if she wants to go back anyhow. However, should she decide to stay, she would then have to be supported by the 'social' - and as you have a good wage, this would not be accepted, and you would have to pay for her. The taxpayers cannot be responsible for the situation and you have the means, so...(as said above, the fact she cheated on you and admits 'fault' is irrelevant in this context).

For all sorts of complicated reasons, Neuchâtel has both the highest rate of divorce and the highest rate of people in need of social help- and the authorities are trying really hard, with all sorts of measures, to remedy this situation. They will not pay social help to a divorcee with an ex husband with a high salary- this is 99% sure.

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