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Re: Do you believe in Merkel?

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I never understood the "ding dong wicked witch is dead" thing. I always thought it was deeply rooted in the British to be terribly polite, and I found those comments to be terribly disrespectful myself.

That said, I appreciate that Thatcher was just like Marmite on steroids - absolute love or hate and nothing in between. We had 86 women in our offices at that time, and none of them hated Maggie (at least not openly).

So I guess that makes thousands of British women who are Maggie haters. And at least 88 pros. Oh well. I'm always siding with the underdog.
And most of the people yelling "Ding-dong, the witch is dead", weren't even alive when Thatcher was in power (and if they were, they were toddlers).
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