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Re: Do you believe in Merkel?

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There's little that can be done about that anyway.
The demographic projections (for the next 30 years) point to a massive reduction in population and a quasi-inversion of the age-pyramid (lot's of old people, some middle-aged and very few young people).
This development is irreversible. Even if the current (Christian) population started to reproduce like crazy (and I mean Mormon-type crazy), the damage is already done.

Note that this is not happening in Eastern Europe nor Russia. So what makes it inevitable in Germany?

I would say it is the wealth, but that is finite. Furthermore, the wealth is generated through intellect, and less on its natural resources. What happens when the generation of that wealth stops?

Also, is the assumption here that Germans will be wearing hijabs and issuing the Adhan from the Alexanderlatz Fernsehturm? I somehow doubt you can get a people to change cultures so easily. What is more likely to happen is a Germanicized expression of other cultures. Who knows, they may come out with an expression of Islam that is peaceful, acceptible and serve as a model practice for the rest of the world.

Although the germans sure behave like they really want to do themselves in. Who knows, they might actually succeed in obliterating themselves.
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