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Re: Feb. 28th vote on enforced implementation of the deportation initiative

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I don't know if this new wave of immigrants are considerate of their new home. Have you heard many positive stories? So far mostly negative stories have been reported. Swiss integrity takes into account the checks and balances that come into play. Just like with your home budget: if you can't afford to get something, you make do without, so as a society, we can only do so much before going in the red. Absorbing the cost of a large number of people with a complete different thinking (female population is trash) comes at a bigger cost than just financial.

If you meant to say "...considerable foreign population...", it's a two-way street: both the immigrants and the host country must work on the integration of the immigrants, but while the immigrants want this and that, they refuse to adapt to the new rules of the land. If there will be a spike in naturalizations, I think it's a good thing. You live here, work here, and can become a citizen, why not do it?
"have you heard many positive stories"?? Really? Seriously? is that a serious honest question? Have i heard of ANY positive stories regarding migrants and the Swiss society? hmm, let me think for a second. oh yes, THE SWISS NATIONAL FOOTBALL (SOCCER) TEAM, THE SWISS NATIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM, THE SWISS NATIONAL *insert any sport here* TEAM. hmm, what else?how about the more than MAJORITY of migrants that live, work, pay tax and generally contribute to the swiss society, how about them? the corner kebab stand, the chinese restaurant in your neighbourhood, the portugese chap that repairs the street next to your apartment. what about them?
The DSI has NOTHING to do with the refugee situation currently in europe, if so, how come it targets secondos as well? hmm? how come it puts secondos in the same category as refugees and tourists in the eyes of the law? How come? How come secondos, who have lived and worked in switzerland for so long have to be degraded in such a way?
I personally have nothing against nationalisation, what i do have something against are HARSCH RULES governing nationalisation, the rules that exist within swiss law. Why must i live in ONE SINGLE STATE for 5 years before being eligible for the swiss citizenship? what if i have to move from state to state like very many foreign nationals that work for international companies or others that just need to do so to make a living? hmm, how come? what difference does it make to become swiss if i live in bern for 2 years and then move to genf for the next 6? makes no sense at all. There are very, very many secondos and foreigners who would LOVE to become swiss, but the obstacles standing in their way are much too high. The same SVP that currently states that secondos who are afraid of the DSI should just become swiss citizens are the ones who put the legal obstacles in the way of the said secondos to PREVENT them from becoming swiss.
You seem to forget that all the migrants that have come to Switzerland over the decades have MADE MUCH more MONEY FOR SWITZERLAND as compared to the costs they have caused. The level of prosperity in Switzerland can be traced back to them, do not forget that most of the infrastructure the swiss society sees and uses DAILY was built on the backs of migrants.
Always the same old song, foreigners bla, bla, bla...
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