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Re: Feb. 28th vote on enforced implementation of the deportation initiative

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I don't mean to add more fuel to the fire. Maybe 3-4 years later, this soccer player feels a bit more Swiss if he's still here.

‘I Feel Completely Albanian’ – Swiss player admits to intentionally botching goal

But I wasn't talking about Europeans migrating within Europe, when I rebutted your argument (despite the fact that even between Europeans there is a lot of discordance, to put it mildly, or shall I say outright discrimination, in case of all Eastern Europeans being tarred with the same brush), because people aren't reacting to those people. As far as I'm concerned people are reacting to not knowing how to deal with the introduction of people of such a different upbringing who also have a religion that spills into civil/criminal law as we know it, in quite a different way than we apply it (like discriminating against women based on one).

The problem is in the numbers: the recent numbers are too many to educate in the Western fashion; then you get the secondos, born and raised here, but who are no different in their upbringing than their parents, despite the fact that geographically they were born in Europe. Isn't that what a parallel society is? Then one day you get a guy waltzing in your office, wanting a PhD from you but won't shake hands with you because you are a woman. Or you get your boss of this kind of upbringing who can round up the women and fire them because they are inferior beings. These are real fears people have. The first example happened to a friend, is my second example too farfetched?

Go educate people grassroots style if you feel so strongly about it, or keep on groaning from your keyboard. Whatever floats your boat.

This thread is about an initiative to automatically deport people who do not have a Swiss passport but are convicted of certain crimes.
Can you explain how your post is related to this topic?

You seem to be completely off-topic
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