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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It seems that in the EU some things kick in automatically when they want them to and some things get protracted and negotiated or even stonewalled when they want them to.

And then they accuse others of cherry picking.
Agreed. Lack of clarity and their endless dithering makes the implementation of EU policy and directives confusing.

Iain Duncan Smith pointed out yesterday his concerns regarding the free movement of people and the EU failing to gets its act together with some members allowing many people in without controls on borders. People given EU passports means potential problems for the UK further down the road when an uncontrolled amount could in effect end up in Britain.

If the controls aren't there a country which has a large number of migrants receive x amount money from EU funds, passports then given, movement begins.. more money needed, housing, healthcare etc. No proper reform means no one knows how this is going to pan out in the long term.

Britain's security is actually better than mainland Europe anyway. Listening to BBC's Frank Gardener this morning where he points out that Britain security closest links are with America, Australia, Canada and N. Zealand and not the EU. EU security is not very good so there's no benefit to the UK one way or the other.
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