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Re: Online trading in Swizerland

PostFinance beats it.
I am fairly new to investing and my interest got actually triggered through a meeting with an adviser from Postfinance who called me one day. Apart from trying to sell me a life insurance (thanks but no), he suggested that I could invest a reasonable part of my cash assets in bonds and/or funds.

So, I made the decision to open an e-trading account and to invest 50k. I was intrigued by the idea of "dollar cost averaging" (investing once every month/quarter/year instead of investing the entire 50k). Before doing the necessary clicks, I stumbled upon two books (The intelligent investor and A random walk down wallstreet) and luckily read them. The problem now is, that I am much more aware of the potential risks and opportunities which actually makes me feel more paralyzed than before. Not only taking risks, but also facing incredible differences in fees make me hesitant to start using the Postfinance account (especially after looking at Schwab, TD Ameritrade). Both authors remind you constantly that if you are on low risk, yields won't be higher than 2-4% which means keep you broker fees as low as possible.

Coming back to your comment:

Given 5000 CHF, it would be 50 CHF, with the private account plus it's 25 CHF instead, which is inline with what other trading platforms charge.
However, there is no custody fee or fee for selling (which is not the case with SwissQuote or InteractiveBrokers).
Can you confirm that 1% are the only fees occurring? After looking at their PDF (Fund costs and sales remuneration), they also mention transaction fees called Courtagen in German) which are "quite" high for example, for a SIX Structured Product, it is 25CHF (for investments from 0-5k). If that's true, if you would like to invest let's say 500CHF each month you would have. 1% issuing fee 5CHF + 25CHF = 30CHF (That's already 6% in fees of the amount invested! 360CHF/per year investment costs). On top of that, you have for their own products (Postfinance Bond Fund 1) a TER of 0.79%. It will be hard to make any profit given that you would like to invest regularly.

I am tempted to open an account at Ameritrade (their choice of ETFs is also much bigger than with PF), since they offer 100+ commission-free ETFs which means dollar-cost averaging with no commissions.

Thanks for any further advice/experience!
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