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Re: Fine at the COOP shoplifting incident

Thanks so much for your kind words. .. I have been really anxious ever since I received he letter. I am extremely ashamed and repentant on what I have done .but at the same time I don't wish that thus incident in anyour way affects my future. .. this is my first and last try at something so shameful as this. I am just occupied by the one thought of whether it will affect my future visa renewal and thus my studies? That is what I am concerned about right now. . I can deal with the fines. But as I asked. . How do I pay the bills. ? I received the judgement order btw no bills and I don't want to surpass any rules now .. nor overstep any deadlines. .. will i have to pay for the bills to come ? Do you think I need to go visit a police station regarding this tomorrow or just wait ? I am actually very anxious ... I could also upload the judgement order papers for reference. .. if you need to look at it ... I am clueless of whether I dhould tell anyone at my workplace regarding this in case something serious occurs ... will the university coursework ordinator come to know about this when she reapplied for the renewal of my permit b this September. ..what do you think?
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