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Contract - signed vs printed

Recently, I have applied for health insurance to a relatively small company, the name of which was also mentioned in EF as a student insurance firm, and Zurich Health Department had confirmed me of its validity. I had a couple of bounces of communication, to correct the payment period on the document they have sent me as the contract. I asked them to send me a signed&stamped document both times, which they always replied as 'we never sign it, the document is sufficient'. I am not sure why they are so reluctant to send a signed document.

While both parties' intent is clear from the printed document they have sent, I am not sure that the document which mentions the name of the company holds as a legal and official document. Or, does it, for Switzerland? Before I pay off the annual insurance premium, I want to make sure such a contract would not be a problem, and I am not actually paying money to a Nigerian* prince ;-)

*: not being racist, country-ist, or anti-royalist, just referring to the character from the well-known 419 scam
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