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Re: Has Lebara illegally charged me or am I just stupid?

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Okay, I'm getting the picture. My fault even if inadvertent.

I guess it will explain to me in the phone manual how to organise things so that I can access public wifi without Lebara charging me too.
It is quite confusing with a new phone that just connects to the internet on mobile. I am not sure how you used your old nokia for checking emails etc. But, here is the relevant details from Lebara -

1. Tariffs

Without any Internet option, data usage is charged 0.25 CHF per MB. Please note that this tariff is only valid within Switzerland.

2. Promotions

We offer to our customers several Internet packages:

– SURF 120Mb for 4.90 CHF, to activate it send SURF to 255

– SURF 1G for 14.90 CHF, to activate it send DATA1 to 255

I think what you used to do is activate this surf 120Mb option and continued to use it. When you changed the phone, you did not activate it again but did continue to use the internet (knowingly or unknowingly). So, they charged you at 0.25 CHF per MB.

The steps going forward -

1. You did use the internet, so you will have to pay. You cannot demand the money back as you have used a service. It is also not Lebara's fault that your phone used the internet.

2. You can continue doing the same thing you did before but something tells me that your phone is using internet for things you are not aware of (whatsapp, facebook, MMS, software update check etc.). Please find a friend who can help you figure this out or the manual might help (warning: they are usually confusing). The option you want to find is how to switch mobile data off, if you do not want to use data at all.

3. Using WiFi will not incur any charges (unless the WiFi is a paid one, in which case you will be entering payment details anyway) from Lebara. So, don't worry about using any free wifi service that you can find or connect to.
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