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Re: Wii not connecting to internet with Cablecom Horizon HD Recorder?

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My parents have a second-hand Wii.

They have recently been upgraded to a Horizon HD Recorder by Cablecom.

Since then, they are unable to connect to the internet on the Wii.

The error code given is 51330.

I've looked on the Nintendo website and it talks about checking to see if the router is compatible with a Wii, or checking if MAC filtering is on and, if so, adding the Wii to the list of Mac addresses.

None of us are very technically minded, and the above is so much Greek to us...

Has anyone had a similar problem, or can anyone with better technical skills explain what to do in very, very simple terms?

We are concerned that the issue may be that the Wii is too old to connect to the internet using this fancy new router...

Thank you!
Does your router have a "search for devices" kind of switch (WPS)? That might help find the Wii, and once the router has found it, connect.

A WPS explanation
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