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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Again, bullshit. The scramble for Iran going on at the moment, an economy the fraction of the size of the UK, shows that where there's money to be made, governments will be put under pressure to make deals.

And why does he think being a "bigger player" on the world stage should influence anyone's vote? As long as the Team World Police carries on with their current foreign policy, everyone else is merely a bit part.
Obama is essentially an isolationist, or at best, ambivalent to the US role in the world. See his lack of serious action on: Libya, China taking control of the the South China Sea, N. Korea continuing it's considerable nuke and ICBM progress, Obama's outsourcing of Syria policy to the Russians, the Russians buzzing US Navy ships at will, Iran developing nuke-capable ICBMs in violation of UN resolutions, Iran taking US Marines hostage, China hacking US governmental databases and military technology secrets, aggressive Russian and Chinese espionage in the US, etc.

He just doesn't care about these things. Hardly a World Policeman. Certainly not a Statesman.
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