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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Where do Hillary, Ryan and Trump stand with regard to US - British relations?
Cruz, Ryan, or Hillary will be pro-British regardless of whether Remain or Leave carries the day on June 23rd.

Trump is harder to read (especially as he contradicts himself numerous times in a matter of minutes).

One the one hand, he's anti-trade, particularly regarding Mexico and China, and the British have crapped all over him the last few months. He is a hyper-sensitive and vindictive guy so who knows how that's affected his fragile psyche.

On the other hand, while what he thinks about trade with the UK or Canada is anyone's guess, to my knowledge he seems to view trade arrangements between equals more favorably than trade with less-developed countries, particularly Mexico and China (because of its dumping and currency manipulation).

Also, he is half-British, and obviously has great affinity for Scotland. It's hard to see him being anti-British.

But like I said, who the hell knows what is bouncing around in that head of his?
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