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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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I wonder is anyone critiquing Turkey is labeled anti-Islamic, or critiquing Italy is anti-Christian?
Yes, there is a problem with blurred lines between the religion and the country, but I do think that the country goes a long way towards keeping those lines blurred. It is often said that condemning Israel offensives against Hamas is anti-Semitic, but condemning Hamas attacks against Israel is not considered to be anti-Islamic. And, in my experience, saying both sides have valid points, although they both go about it the wrong way is often only seen as criticizing one side.
And that is the problem... any criticism about Israel must either
a) separate the religion and the state, but starting the start with the "I'm not anti-Semetic, but....' always means you ARE anti-Semetic. or
b) don't try to separate the state and the religion, then you are seen as combining the both in an umbrella.

Firstly, there is no where near as many people critiquing other countries as they do Israel, in the UK as elsewhere in Europe solidarity movements boycott movements, standing outside Jewish owned shops and flying flags at council buildings and the like. All those people attending the events are happy when they are wearing their Chinese made keffiyahs, or getting their in their Saudi fueled car. No criticism of those states, or very little. Too many double standards at play.

That aside, Israel is always in the news, and on the left's political agenda. They wrap their anti-semitism up by using the term anti Zionism, then say all Israeli's should be deported to the US (Naz Shah) or that there is a Zionist led media, Zionist financing, Zionist Lobbies or conspiracies etc etc, same old stuff just a different label. Criticism of Israel fine, Israeli's do it themselves one hell of a lot, and that is healthy. However what is emerging from the left is something far more disturbing. At least you know where you stand with the far right, in that they hate everyone and say it as it is, but the left - wolves in sheeps clothing.
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