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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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Do you really think so or do you happen to simply have an interest in the topic and therefore read the matching news?

At this moment is Turkey the number one country discussed in Europe. Then comes Russia and third comes probably Greece. Then comes a bit of a void followed by whichever Eastern European populist said the most stupid thing this week. Usually Orban, but sometimes one of the others. The rest depends on the daily political topics, at the moment it would be Obama and TTIP. Israel is not even making the list.

When I was younger was Israel in the news pretty much daily. These days? Nobody in Europe cares half as much as during the times of Arafat and Rabin. Looks like most people unfortunately quietly accept the status quo.

I absolutely know it is critiqued more than any other country. The UN dedicates whole days to it, when totally ignoring mass slaughters in other countries. I've walked down the street in Brighton and seen protests out a Jewish owned shop, BDS protests, the same in Manchester. They do it at lot of the major supermarkets in the UK and in Europe. College and university campuses - Sussex Uni being one where they walk around chanting that "From the river to the sea" one of Hamas' favourite topics, about running Jews into the sea.
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