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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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Really? I remember much of the 80's the same things happened about South Africa, people protesting against apartheid, boycotting, speaking up, even going as far as to have huge concerts, but no-one was complaining it was anti-white and anyone who said anything or did anything vaguely anti-SA was a racists, everyone acknowledged that it was just anti apartheid government. And yes, there were individuals how spoke out against SA who WERE anti-white, but everyone recognised that they were a minority and that most people were there because they were against the oppression of blacks and coloured and the unequal oppressive society.
Now that is a double standard.
as to the bold (by me) part of your statement, I think that you are talking about a very small minority of anti-zionists, and even then, not all anti-Zionists are anti-Israeli state, I think there are even Jewish people in Israel who feel that Zionism has gone too far (at least one that I know).... but I guess your statement has actually proven my point. As soon as anyone mentions anything vaguely critical of the Israeli state, they are lumped in with the neo-nazi's and other anti-Semites.
So calling for the obliteration of Jews on college campuses and calling for the deportation is that critical of Israel or is that just blatant anti-semitism? Which is what I was referring to.

Funny, I was sitting with Israeli arab friends in a restaurant in Haifa last year, didn't have separate seating areas, toilets or entrances.
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