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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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So calling for the obliteration of Jews on college campuses and calling for the deportation is that critical of Israel or is that just blatant anti-semitism? Which is what I was referring to.

Funny, I was sitting with Israeli arab friends in a restaurant in Haifa last year, didn't have separate seating areas, toilets or entrances.
Again... proving my point. You can not separate the boycott of Israeli herbs grown in the occupied territories with wanting the obliteration of Jews.
Yes, there are anti-Semites in the left, but that does not mean the left is anti-Semitic. There are anti-Semites, racists, and xenophobics in all parts of the political spectrum, we are all, therefore, horrible humans. Or you could judge all individuals by their words and actions, and all groups by the majority of their members and by their manifestos etc....
The (previous) anti-Semite was expelled from the Labour party straight-away, and so the right wing could not accuse Labour of being an anti-Semitic party, and so they latched on to someone who thinks that Israel is not perfect and implied he was anti-Semetic, and then you extend this to everyone who thinks anything bad about bombing of civilians in Palestine automatically wants to drown all the Jews in Israel.
Not everything is black and white (even under Apartheid), there are shades and subtleties everywhere.
I personally think that Israel should have been established earlier, and that the UK held off too long, causing a lot of deaths due to the terrorist actions in the 40's. That doesn't mean that I approve of Etzel's actions or am anti-British. I also believe that the occupied territories should be de-occupied, doesn't mean I approve of Hamas's actions or an anti-Israeli.
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