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Non EU with EU unmarried partner move to Zurich - Permit advice needed!

Hi everyone,

This is my very first post though I've been reading loads of posts here for past months. There are few posts regarding non-EU with EU partner (unmarried) or similar situations however I am still quite confused so I hope I can have some answers here for my case.

ok below are some background info:

1. I am Non-EU and have a partner (unmarried) who is an EU national. We have been in the relationship and lived in the UK together since 2011.

2. In 2013 I obtained a residence permit issued in the UK as a family member of an EEA national unmarried partner(EEA2).

3. We decided to travel around Asia in mid 2015 and now we are in my home country for a short break before going back to Europe.

4. We are planning to move to Zurich together to live and work.

I know as an non-EU, although I have a UK residence permit, I need to have a permit to live and work in CH, now the question is which one and how.

after research we believe there are few possibilities (apart from getting married):
1. Dependent permit - I got really confused between this and Family Reunification, are they the same?

2. Family Reunification as an unmarried partner - I saw somewhere (sorry couldn't remember where as I've been gathering info from everywhere) that it is possible to obtain a permit via this route, but we have to meet certain criteria. Does anyone know what the criteria are? I contacted Cantonal office of Zurich they simply told me we may not to do this. Still waiting answers from the Swiss consulate here.

3. Concubine/ Konkubinatspaare - I couldn't find any info regarding this from Cantonal office of Zurich (I have to say it's not a really user-friendly website... at least for me), I saw a few posts about applying in Vaud, does anyone know about the situation in Zurich? Is it possible/what are the requirements?

I reckon that my partner will need to get a job and his permit first then apply for whichever we can? Which one will we have the highest likelihood of getting it?

Also we want to go to Zurich together, rather than me sitting back in my home country waiting. Can I get in as a visitor (I can stay up to 90 days without applying visa), then apply for whatever is possible for us to apply? I read in some posts that I may be able to apply for permit D so I can stay longer and then sort things out in Switzerland? If I have to apply for permit outside of Switzerland, do I must apply it from my home country? Or can I go to other EU country to do it?

Sorry for this rather long post...I just want to make sure I detailed all my questions in one post instead of 10.

Thank you in advance!
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