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Re: Non EU with EU unmarried partner move to Zurich - Permit advice needed!

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3. As I said, if your partner comes first and applies for a concubine permit for you, then you need to apply at the nearest Swiss embassy/consulate in your home country for a Type D visa. This visa will not be issued to you unless the permit is approved. All the visa does is let you enter Switzerland for more than 90 days. Once you're here you then go to the cantonal migration office to start the process of getting your pre-approved permit issued to you - it will take several weeks before you physically get it. Once you have your permit the visa is then invalid as the permit replaces it for travel purposes. So you will need to have both your passport and the permit when travelling outside of Switzerland.

4. A Type D visa would not be issued if you don't have a permit approval so you can't apply for one separately. So the only other way you can enter is as a tourist and then you're limited to the 90 days before you have to leave again.

Hi Medea Fleecestealer, thanks again for your explanation. The concept of having to apply for a permit AND a visa is rather confusing to me, as when I was in the UK, I either need a visa OR a permit to legally stay in the country.

So permit with a Type D visa is a "package"? I couldn't find anywhere in the Type D visa application saying the permit approval is one of the requirements. Just discussed this with my partner and he seems quite confused as well haha and we were debating the necessity of applying for an entry visa if I would be issued a permit (which allows me to work and live and I am is allowed to stay up to 90 days without a visa due to my nationality), simply due to the processing time is so long (7-12 weeks or even longer!). So the whole getting permit approval+ apply Type D visa may take 3 months up!

I though what I need to do is to show the immigration officer my permit approval letter when entering the country (at the airport), register at the local office and get my actual permit.

I understand the risk of having to leave if I stay 90 days but we think we can sort out the permit within this time and then I am happy to go somewhere else to re-entre CH to "activate" my intend to live and work - by the look of it it's not possible?

sorry if I am kinda repeating the same question... Just want to get a clear picture of it!

Thank you!
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