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Re: Non EU with EU unmarried partner move to Zurich - Permit advice needed!

You are not coming to the UK, you are coming to Switzerland and the rules are different.

"A Type D visa is required for stays of more than 90 days. This is a national visa, issued to people who wish to stay in Switzerland legally for a prolonged period of time. Stays subject to type D visa requirements need to be authorised by the appropriate authorities in advance; they are typically issued for work or study in Switzerland, family reunification or lengthy medical treatment."

The requirement in advance in this case is to have applied for and received approval for a concubine permit. You apply for the visa at the same time as your partner applies for the permit so there's no "extra" processing time involved. Within a few days of the embassy/consulate being notified that the permit is approved, you'll be asked to either come there or send your passport to them so the visa can be stamped in it. It will have a certain period of time that it's valid for and you can travel to Switzerland any time within that period.

No, you don't show your permit approval letter at the airport, you show your passport which will have your Type D visa stamped in it. I'm not even sure you'd get the approval letter - it would be sent to the embassy/consulate and they would then notify you. Border control will know the visa's tied to a successful permit application as it will be on their computer system's records.

Once you are in Switzerland you then go to the Zurich canton's migration office and their records will show that your permit is already approved so they will start the process of getting it issued to you. It'll take a few weeks as you'll need to provide biometric info at some point in the process when they ask you to come and give it.

Do not under-estimate the time required to get your permit sorted out here if you do come with your partner. Some cantons are taking months to issue their permits and given your unmarried status that will slow things down even more.

You also do not go elsewhere and re-enter to activate your permit, it doesn't work like that. If you both come here and apply for the permit you may well run over the time and have to leave Switzerland either to return to your home country or somewhere else outside the Schengen Area. There you will have to apply for the Type D visa and you will have to wait there until the permit is approved and the visa is issued to you. Trying to bend the rules may well delay your permit application and it could take longer than if your partner comes here first and then applies on your behalf while you apply for the visa in your home country.

If that is a risk you're willing take go ahead, but don't say you weren't warned.
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