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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I've spent most of the last four days reading tons of material relating to the history of the EEC/EU, the treaties of Rome and Maastricht and current arguments both for and against a British exit from the union.

I have deliberately sought material to challenge my previous thoughts on the subject, so have been reading plenty of stuff in the Guardian, Independent and similar newspapers in addition to watching the Brexit film and articles in the Telegraph etc.

The most disappointing thing has been that the more I read from the Remain camp, the more determined I become to vote Leave. Their arguments are, quite simply, patronising, insulting, packed full of scaremongering and ad hominem attacks on "little englanders" and so on. The worst argument came from a lefty friend who said that we need the EU "to protect us from the Tories" - in other words, we need an unelected, external organisation to protect us from a political party who could be quite easily toppled from their democratically precarious perch in four years' time (if not before).

I was genuinely hoping to have my opinions challenged, to leave me ambivalent, so that I could hold an internal debate before going ahead and making my vote. Now, there's simply no chance of my voting for the UK to stay in the EU. None at all.

Good job, Remainers!
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