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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Another take on the referendum: Out or Ever Closer Union. No status Quo.

What do you think? I guess it does make sense to ask the question, given a United States of Europe, or Brexit, which would you go for?

Whether you think the referendum is a choice between these two choices is another matter. I think he is right and the illusion of the UK 'influencing from within' is a pipe-dream, but maybe some really do believe we can shift the rest of the EU members from their goal of ever closer union.
I completely agree. It might all be well and good now with our opt-outs, but I don't think even the staunchest remainers want the level of integration that is on the cards in the long term. A superstate would presumably have a single currency, and I can think of no reason why Britain should ever want to adopt the Euro. At some point after a 'remain' vote our position as a less integrated member would become untenable and we would have to leave, probably on less favourable terms since the EU would likely remind us that we had voted to stay in already.

Having said that, I do wonder whether when push comes to shove the citizens of continental Europe would actually be happy the creation of a superstate and the inevitable cultural homogenisation that would result.
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