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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Did anyone see the BBC programme last night? Paxman went to Brussels and asked some hard questions, and it seems much of the news coming out of Brussels was untrue (Bent bananas etc). Paxman was not sympathetic at all, and did show there are of course big differences between London & Brussels.

The main difference is that after 5 years the democratic parliament is dissolved and the newly elected need to start again. Meanwhile after 5 years the EU keeps the professional leadership and they continue to develop the common EU policies. Personally I prefer continuous development rather than changing every 5 years.
Watched it twice.

Paxman played a good game, then ripped the Brexit campaigner a new one at the end.

The British 'unelected commissioner', one of the group that Brexit campaigners keeps papping on about incessantly, was chosen by Cameron.

Lord Hill is David Cameron's choice as UK's next European commissioner PM hopes mainstream candidate will persuade Jean-Claude Juncker to give Britain one of main economic portfolios

I love the way Brexit campaigners can't name their own MEP, probably didn't bother to vote at all, and only stir out of their seats to the ballot boxes for a General Election, than have the sheer audacity to whinge that there are people making laws who they didn't elect!!! These are the same people who, even if they did have a vote for these positions, most likely wouldn't bother. They'll be wanting to choose the cabinet positions next....

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I see the main problem is in the design of European management. The EU must find common ground for all countries with quite different cultures and climates, whereas tiny Britain doesn't have any problems with water supplies or growing olives, the southern countries do. Apparently Britain gets directives on olive growing, but these are just filed away ....
Britain does have a problem with water supplies in some regions. Thousands of people in Lancashire were without water for a few weeks this year. There are also British farmers making an attempt at olive growing. Who would have thought 40yrs ago that British grown sparkling wine would be winning top International awards? Times change....
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