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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I love the way Brexit campaigners can't name their own MEP, probably didn't bother to vote at all, and only stir out of their seats to the ballot boxes for a General Election...

Aren't you making the assumption that 'Remainers' are any better.....most people I know from both camps can't name their MEP's and most people generally in the UK can't be bothered to vote in any of the elections.......

The blame here is on all sides as I previously posted....the MEP's/ MP's for their inability to inspire people to vote and the people in particular who are so apathetic to not bother to try and make a change...

Whatever way people vote....if they vote then that's surely positive....the underlying tone of your comments about the 'leavers' is atypical of the general lack of respect for people of different opinions and may not want to leave the EU as is fairly obvious from your post, but many people do....I may want to; I may not....not 100% sure yet....but nothing is worse than the negative fear mongering disparaging campaign and remarks made by both politicians and some people.
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