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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Whatever way people vote....if they vote then that's surely positive....the underlying tone of your comments about the 'leavers' is atypical of the general lack of respect for people of different opinions and may not want to leave the EU as is fairly obvious from your post, but many people do....I may want to; I may not....not 100% sure yet....but nothing is worse than the negative fear mongering disparaging campaign and remarks made by both politicians and some people.
Voter apathy is common on all sides in the UK, so is habitual voting. Political awareness needs to begin much earlier than 18 for people to become engaged, it needs to be 'sold' at an earlier age in an incredibly balanced way. My political awareness began with the Munich Olympics assasinations, Watergate and the Cypriot War. I asked the questions and my parents did their best to answer them.

The vast majority of my friends are 30-45, and with a few exceptions, they only became politically aware around the time of the UN Security Council 2nd Resolution back in 2003. That was the turning point for so, so many people that I'm close to.

Far from lacking respect for leave voters, I hate that (in my belief) they're being massively misinformed. I hate that the remain campaign are being weak as piss in their response to appeals from voters for more information that would allow them to make an informed decision.

You are mistaking my sheer frustration with the entire campaign on both sides with being disparaging. Cameron is pussy footing around so as to not split his own party when he should be putting forward an accurate campaign backed with clear, checkable facts on all the issues the public are concerned about with relation to the EU.

To be absolutely clear, my concerns r.e. the EU are the the economy and security. Immigration will happen regardless. I come from an industry that's being heavily hit by concerns about security. These concerns have a knock on effect to the economy. To me personally, the vote to remain is a no brainer, but I will look at every arguement from the leave campaign to see if holds water.
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