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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Take your pick. Europe is so diverse that there is no political platform that can be applied in the same way across the continent.
I thought the thing about the French social justice and the Romanian turnip farmers was referring to something specific.

In any event, I strongly disagree with you.
As much as in any country, the liberals will push for liberal policies, the socialists with push for "socialist" policies (like Blair's Labour government did in the UK or the French government is doing right now), the conservatives will push for conservative policies etc.

It's your expectation that the British MEPs should vote for "British" policies that convinces me that your country should actually be asked to leave the EU. Not allowed to leave the EU but actively asked to leave.
The UK being part of the EU never worked and never will. CDG was right.

And this without any kind of bitterness. We are just too different.
So let's part ways in a friendly and mature manner.
Moving in and out of Switzerland (because it's fun).
Currently away. Miss the Alps.
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