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Re: Speak to KG teacher or see what happens? (long)

"My point is that while perhaps in an ideal world for a quiet life everything would be black and white, absolute, one size fits all. However it's not like that and this "teacher" you speak about should bloody well know it."

And that is when the Swiss school system absolutely fails. They strive for children to be within the tram lines.

OP I am sorry to say that the depth of examples you give indicates that this teacher does not have the capacity to change. However, the approach that works best is to never point out the faults the school teacher has but to say "can you help me with this".

My German teacher told me it is absolutely vitally important that you speak in your mother tongue to your child. If you do this he said, then the child learns the second language and the first language helps to bring the second to the same level. If you don`t then the child middles in both languages. So she is completely wrong in her statement.

I am sorry there is so much wrong with this teacher. Our kindergarten teacher made a point of arranging Santa etc. I think you have a very poor teacher here. I would request a different teacher for your daughter or move. There is so much autonomy here that when the teachers are good they are very very good and when they are not they are way beyond the worst.
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