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Are there any good kombucha tea flavour combos out there? I tried a load from Whole foods while working in the US last month and struggled to find one that I could finish
It is an acquired taste for sure. Kombucha is essentially fermented tea. The live cultures that ferment it being from the scoby. Any fruit or flavored tea combinations added just take the edge off, but it will always taste a bit like soda thats gone off. The benefits on the gut and digestion make it worth it, and some are definitely better than others. I find the one at Migro (Carpe Diem, I think? Something like that...) to be too fruity and not fermented or fizzy enough to be considered true kombucha. But I am sure it still has some good bacteria in it too. Worth a try!

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I just moved here a couple days ago and was wondering where I might be able to find a scoby...priorities! If you find a source, I'd love to snag one too. Viva kombucha!
Yes! I'll let you know. Lets lead the kombucha revolution in CH!

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