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Permits and leaving CH (but maybe coming back)


anyone out there had experience of clearing off for a period of months and then coming back into Switzerland?

I'm planning on quitting my job here, it just doesn't offer what I want in terms of salary and personal/career development. Now, ideally I'd like to find something back in the British Isles and move there shortly after I quit. However, I'm realisitic enough to know that getting the _right_ job could take a while - and at the moment I've no desire to take a job just for the sake of having one: So I'm planning on going travelling for 3-4 months if nothing shows up by the time I've planned to quit my apartment (end Sept).

Now, when I come back I'll still be looking for work in the UK/Ireland. But ... I hold a 'C' permit which can remain valid for up to six months if I'm out of the country. I'd like to keep the door open with that permit to come back and do contract work in CH if the opportunity arose. I'd still have 2-3 months left on the permit by the time my travels were over.

What are the logistics and pitfalls of doing so, does anyone have any experience or knowlege to share here?


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