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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

From the Telegraph: "European Council president Donald Tusk has warned EU leaders in the bluntest terms that their “utopian” illusions are tearing Europe apart, and that any attempt to seize on Brexit to force through yet more integration would be a grave mistake.

In a passionate plea to Europe’s top conservatives, he accused the EU elites of living in a fool’s paradise and provoking the eurosceptic revolt now erupting in a string of countries.

I truly do not understand why this wasn't brought up and considered a lot sooner than the 1st June. If Tusk or Juncker had used this time to speak to the British public via Cameron about reforms, changes that need to happen within the EU then we could have had a more positive and constructive run up to the referendum. Instead the EU is behaving like a spoilt petulant child throwing out random silly threats at those in the UK who are thinking of voting out, rather than dealing effectively with the real issues, fears and problems facing the UK - along with the other member states..
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