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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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for years the dirty working class have been told there are no jobs because of those pesky europeans coming here and stealing them all (who oddly manage to find jobs no problem at all)

and for years people have been told the nhs is in trouble because of all those pesky foreigners coming over and using it when they are not entitled to.

Of course all previous governments could have easily cleared these 'issues' up, every legal UK resident has an NI card, show that at the hospital / Dr's and you get treated, no card? - how would sir like to pay?

sort out the benefits system so the workshy british idiot isn't better off dropping more kids, and watching jeremry kyle on tv all day, seriously, that johnny foreigner can come here, speak multiple languages, work all the hours god sends doing some menial task, live, eat, and send money back home to support there family, but you can't find a job????

all of which would be huge vote losers
Having a NI card does not automatically entitle you to use the NHS- at all. If you live abroad and pay taxes abroad, even with a NI card and a British passport, you are not entitled to NHS care, even if you have contributed to it all your working life.
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