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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I'm sorry for the groan, but I can't accept such rudeness.

1. You mentioned "MEI" at least twice without explanation.

2. I wanted to know what it meant before responding to your other point attacking British people, so I searched the English Forum but found no threads about MEI to educate me.

3. I then went to Google and searched on MEI. I found numerous possibilities including the name of a rock album, a character in a fantasy board game, a bird-like dinosaur, and a chemical compound. None of those sounded likely.

4. At that point, I gave up, satisfied that I'd made a fair effort to educate myself, and that's when I asked you what it meant (even though it was irrelevant to the main point).

5. Worst of all, don't tell me to "refrain from commenting on topics pertaining to Swiss politics" when I was doing no such thing, and have no immediate intention of doing so. I was responding to your uninformed attack on British democracy, and your misunderstanding of the Brexit vote. Nothing whatever to do with Swiss politics.

Yes, I'm labouring the point, that sort of unwarranted rudeness is way out of order, and makes me annoyed.

Have a nice day.
MEI is the Masseinwanderung initiative.
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