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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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sort out the benefits system so the workshy british idiot isn't better off dropping more kids, and watching jeremry kyle on tv all day, seriously, that johnny foreigner can come here, speak multiple languages, work all the hours god sends doing some menial task, live, eat, and send money back home to support there family, but you can't find a job????
Thread amongst my mates on fb asking who the public will blame. I squarely blame Jeremy Kyle and his ilk for glorifying an underclass whose gobs are always flapping whilst their brains are rarely (if ever) in gear.

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Its like the 2015 election all over again. All rabid labour voters unsure why they lost because every tweet, fb post and instagram picture implied they'd win.
Must disagree.
I'm seeing the most venom from my Tory friends (yes! I do have a few) who feel utterly betrayed by their own party.

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BOOM: motion of no confidence has been submitted against Corbyn.
Best news of the day so far. He's a tosser of note.

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What do you believe will happen regarding the every day cost of living for the people living in the UK?

Depends partly on the BoE, I firmly believe they'll start to feel increases in costs within 2mths and the cost of imported goods will increase...just don't know how much by yet.

As I explained to a former trade union colleague who voted Leave and is due to go on holiday in a few weeks, she's just voted for a 20% pay cut. That's the impact it will have on her immediate plans because she's not got her currency yet. That shut her up for the first time in 2mths.

I'm watching house prices in my street and 1/2 mile radius, and have been doing so for 3yrs. That will be my guage.

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Not confirmed yet but I would think this would be a too quick reaction:
This contingency plan has been reported in the media for a few months now and no surprise they're denying it now. They're having a bad enough day as it is.

Just waiting for JP Morgan to do the same to their Bournemouth HQ.
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