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Good to see a specific point; I do not remember seeing htis mentioned by Brexit?

Anyway this process is under investigation - the European Ombudsman has opened an investigation into the secret meetings between European institutions to shape laws, known as trilogues.

According to the EU website "After each trilogue the negotiating team shall report back to the following meeting of the committee responsible. Documents reflecting the outcome of the last trilogue shall be made available to the committee."


The results of a trilogue have to be voted on by the EU Parliament; it does not automatically become law.
I have posted on this more than once before. The Ombudsman is not getting anywhere and has been told to back off, by the very people she is investigating.

May 2016.

Steve Peers, Professor of Law, University of Essex, comments:

"The Council's objection to the Ombudsman's competence is totally unfounded.

The Ombudsman is clearly not questioning the substantive outcome of the political negotiations in trilogues, or the decision to hold trilogues in particular cases, or the existence or organisation of the trilogue system as a whole. The investigation only concerns the transparency of trilogues, and access to trilogue documents. Access to documents is clearly a question of (mal)administration, and the overall rules and practice on transparency (ie, whether there is a register of ongoing trilogues) necessarily hugely influence the specific issue of access to documents in practice. So there should be no doubt whatsoever about the Ombudsman's competence to hold the investigation.
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