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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Highlighted the key word...

Are a significant proportion of the British public naive enough to have believed this 'claim'? As my Swiss neighbour told me yesterday, Swiss people tend to be a lot more politically engaged because of all the referendums they have.

Last Sunday, I turned on the tv for the ITV evening news and was confronted by an advert by the Leave campaign that is so divisive and manipulative, that I made my first, ever complaint to Ofcom. It might take a few viewings for all to become clear, but the blatant racism in this ad is spectacular.

Thanks for finding this- I watched it too, and it is truly shocking

I wonder how many commenting here have actually been following the campaign- and realised that it was not 'just' what was written on a bus- but on such political broadcasts and interviews with the main LEAVE campaigners (liars).

Amazing from the medical point of view too. Someone goes to Casualty because they have a cold- are seen and sent home, cough gone. Now I've seen miracles but this takes the biscuit. The racism is quite subtle- watch again - but it is about the 350 mio here going to the NHS to perform instant cures.
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