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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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my facebook stream is full of leavers all gloating and saying things like the UK has got its identity back, and busily shouting down anyone who dares to disagree with them, yet I asked a simple question, exactly what do you think the UK will gain from leaving?

regain our boarders - errrrmmmm, you always had control over them??? you're an island ffs, you always had the power to deport law breakers of any nationality, the fact the courts / gov never exercised that right is nothing to do with the EU

350m to the NHS - errrrrmmmm, say what now? an awful lot of farmers are going to go bust then, not to mention all the money wales, cornwall, a lot of towns up north etc are going to lose, that 350m (and more) will be swallowed up, the nhs will get NOTHING

you want an EU trade deal do you? well, just look at the swiss deal, deal with us, open your boarders, so now you'll have even less control of your boarders, you'll be the EU's bitch, you're on the outside with no say, you just lost all your veto's

Oh and the UK car industry, good luck with that, I read the import tariff for cars outside the EU is 10%, the uk exported 1.2m cars last years, that's a shit load of money honda, toyota, mini, land rover etc will save making cars in the EU rather then the UK (not to mention paper work and cheaper work force) - and that's before you take into account EU trade deals with other countries. The german can manufactures must be rubbing there hands.

So can anyone here (you are a much better educated bunch) give me a concrete plus for leaving?

I wonder whether you came across Paul Marshall's fantasy missive in today's FT repeating how it was Britain's destiny to strike trade deals with whoever it wanted. They will all be falling over themselves. Perhaps they will all fund an even bigger current account deficit and then the Pound will have collapsed 99% (against real currencies, that is, not the basket cases) since 1969. Sale of the Century Hurry, hurry, hurry.
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