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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The EU is not quite a cohesive organization. With 27 members, its fairly easy to incapacitate. That means it has 27 weak spots. It only needs a few dissenting members to grind it to a halt. It isn't known for quick decisive actions. They may have strategised for a quick Article 50, while the script is fresh in their minds. Which is why the UK should delay Article 50 to disrupt the EU's game plan. There will be new factors in a few months time that changes the balance.

Before Article 50, the UK should start holding bilateral talks with individual countries. Talk about Gibraltar with Spain, car imports with Germany, etc. They'll need all the leverage they can get before they come to the negotiating table. Wait until they have a good hand before invoking Article 50.

In the game of poker, you don't try to win every single hand dealt to you. You wait until you have a the rare good hand before you go in.
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On a roadtrip some years ago I had a long discussion with a guy from a French wine company. He said he was scouting for good land in England as he said the soil was ideal and he believed the temperature only needs to rise minimally to make certain areas prime vineyard country.

Get a guy like that on board and threaten to subsidize him to hell and the French will rapidly be open to compromises.

Offer the Poles some compromise on FMOP, as not being able to work in the Uk at all would hurt them pretty badly.

With a bit of creative thinking there could easily be something big on the table.
If this happens, I will be seriously very mad at the EU.
You must get what you asked for, which in this case should be a very loose and generic deal as a third county.

PS. Let me remind you I was (and I am) pro-Brexit, so it's not about revenge, it's about two ex spouses whose marriage never worked taking their separate ways.
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