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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The metropolitan elite summed up in 7 words.
I have no idea what this sneering's about but you're barking up the wrong tree.

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Number of UK children living in poverty jumps by 200,000 in a year.
Totally bonkers this is shielded from so many. Government austerity willed this sorry state of affairs and if Britain swings further to the right the politics of 1980's "Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher!" will seem golden. Cameron, Osbourne and Co. did things even Maggie wouldn't; resources will be scarcer than ever if this shit gets real. Oh wait, experts predict this will happen and we'll all sick of experts. Still, rather stick two fingers up to the EU than consider consequences of child poverty. Fly a flag. Tell people to get over it. Hit the mark, miss the point.

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Agreed - and this is primarily due to a right-wing Tory government rather than EU membership. Voting Exit, which was mainly supported (in political circles) by righter-winger members of said Tory party will exasperate the problem.
It's all gone a bit loony tea party.

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Why not take the opportunity to restructure the economy in a way that is fit for the UK? ...I don't know how one can claim to be progressive, yet yearn for the the status quo.
Cause you don't scupper the boat when there's a chance to restore it.

The amount of law making required is going to take forever; there are few trade negotiators capable of rewriting the last 40+ years of statute to safe guard rights. Who's going to do all the work? Q4S? Capita? E&Y? Four decade's worth of Queen's speeches. This alone ought to be enough to give pause for thought.

Where Angels fear to tread...

Reform, restructure, stamp your feet and get mad as hell but sinking the project - and forcing chaos, rather than consensual albeit slower and less glorious negotiating - appears to the world as sheer petulance. Brits showed no political will to change things, then it became too late. Null Points for style.

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People who have been hurting badly voted for Brexit

will it provide school places, and good quality school places at that ?
will it provide a better NHS ?
will it provide affordable housing ?
will it reverse the bedroom tax and cuts to the disabled ?

Will it? Really. Now who suffers from the above?

Champagne socialists? Really?

Clueless indeed.
I for one am a Champagne Socialist: Champagne for everyone. Everyone should have the opportunity to find dignity in honest labour, earn money and buy whatever they like. Bread and roses, but I'll forgo the roses if it means less child poverty. Not sure the world is in accordance, though.

So much hot air about regaining control; as a sovereign nation Britain was always in control. The electorate just weren't paying attention nor did much about it and the bully boys were completely free to do as they wished. A revolution encouraged by an elite isn't a revolution. At least people are now discussing politics, which I hope we can all appreciate.

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Was staying in the EU going to directly help with any of those?
Do you mean receipts for pencils and plasters or recognition of Objective One funding for the infrastructure? Some places in the UK have been saved and regenerated to success stories by the attention of the EU, cities which in the 80's - thanks to what would be regarded today as a moderate Tory government - were left to rot under a policy of 'managed decline'. Those were dark, dark days and there's little appetite to return.
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