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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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If you check your source you will see that that map is titled "Much of the eastern part of the plateau has become part of the "Greater Zurich Area". ONLY THE EAST.

The Mittelland is the whole of the area between Alps and Jura, from Genfersee in the South-West to Bodensee in the North-East.

I took the population density from this page which quotes 450 persons per Km2

Oh and free health care remains free regardless of any hoops you might have to go through. And does not get you thrown out of the country either.
my wiki pages says

"Even though the Swiss Plateau takes only about 30% of the surface of Switzerland, 5 million people live there, which constitutes more than two thirds of the Swiss population. The population density is 380 people per square kilometer." Could be older data than yours.

Consider this, the UK figures are probably significantly under what its really like, its not like Switzerland where you have to register in 10 days, i suspect we have a large unrepresented in the stats pop (I know a good friend , oxbridge who was hiding her american boyfriend).

So whats up? Why did this get your back up that you groaned me. Switzerland looking mercenary make you feel bad and ashamed? They brain drain and cherry pick on steroids and have many different ways they remove people no longer useful to them, which they use actively.

Mechanisms the UK does not have.

The concession we recently got was most likely not 'free'. You think Cameron went to the EU asked for this and everyone said yes lets give the UK that for free, no, something was probably exacted we as the public just don't know what exactly.

Plenty of anectdotal evidence on here that even if you just take the discounted health payment option, bubye... you are invited to leave, be more of a burden than that what do you think happens?
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