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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I saw a video clip last night taken on a London bus. Some Yobbo spouting anti polish crap. I find that disturbing, but not particularly surprising.

What I do find really disturbing however, was the fact that the vast majority of the rest of the people on the bus were just sitting there staring into space, fiddling with their phones. Something close to 52% of them voted leave, and the other 48% didn't.
Correction 52% of Londoner did not vote leave.

I was on a London bus on Friday where there was a verbal confrontation between immigrants downstairs and noticed no one on phones. I missed the start of it of augument, basically there were women of the same nationality of one woman who was one side of the augument who were silently mouthing to her to be quiet. The woman got off the bus, the bus driver stopped the bus and by the time he stepped out of his driving cabin to find out what was going on, the woman was off the bus.

The first couple of days were very hard for us in UK, with the news of the Prime Minister resigning & off to see the Queen. I myself was in a slight panic, as we do not have a Deputy Prime Minister. At the time I wish we had the Singapore system in place. Well he is still the Prime Minister until a successor is voted for the Tory Party, panic over.

It was a pity the vote was so close, 634,751 who might have voted the other way. If it was 60:40 or higher would have been better, ce la vie

Next time we have a General Election, I would hope to see a number of changes, as many of us are disgusted with all the in-fighting between politians. Wish the same could be done about certain newspapers who have been busy stirring matters before and after the vote.
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