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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Yes, I was wondering about this too. You could build up the negotiation capability and try to get as many done as possible before triggering a50. Of course, the problem is that any deals struck could only be implemented after the UK leaves the EU.

Plus you only have a 2 year window to get these other deals done (assuming you want to close the EU deal within the remaining 2 years of the parliamentary term).

Which is fine. But showing full intent and momentum in that direction still counts for something. They can create agreements that trigger upon completion of the Article 50 process. I would also go after markets particular EU members are lusting for.

The UK needs to act, talk and walk like the world class hustlers they are, and they'll come out of this much better than staying in the EU. This is European leadership, I tell you, and it would inspire other EU prisoners.

Boris can still help convey this vision from the sidelines, which is more important for the UK than him sitting in the PM chair.
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