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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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My point, and that of many Labour party members is that he needs to be given a chance, its only been 9 months.

Lets not forget this is a man who has spent his entire career on the back benches, never holding any significant leadership position and completely oblivious to the party whip. Now he has been thrust into power, having to deal with staffing, budgets, intense media interest, prima donna MPs etc.. and that takes time to get your head around, especially when you face almost daily smear campaigns and the Ghosts of Nu-Labour past constantly sticking the knife in.

The Far Left have waited 30 years for this moment, so let them try, and if it fails they can go back to the wilderness for another 30 years. I just think that after 4 more years of Tory ravage, the country might well be ready for a Corbyn government.
If you want to know how the country would be run under Corbyn, look no further than Venezuela. See how that's working out.
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