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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Democracy is not supposed to be that different from place to place. Or you agree with the Chinese government, that is also a valid opinion.

But I agree that it is too late to whine about how the Brexit referendum happened, it's now all about respecting the result. Totally agree.
You cannot deny that democracy takes different forms in different places. A referendum is not binding in the UK- just like the First Past the Post system does not allow any kind of proportional representation, which would be deemed totally undemocratic in other countries. And so is having an unelected Chamber, where, for instance, just one religious group is given a voice, etc, etc.

At last, the voice of reasons from a most eminent expert in EU Law:

I'd say Castro, 15 years is too long to keep voting rights. Why should expats who will clearly not have to live with the consequences of their choices be given a voice- and then sit back and watch from afar? I would btw have had the right to vote in Switzerland all my life- but didn't because if you live abroad it's even harder to understand the issues and because of the above. There are 100000s os Swiss expats who have not visited her for decades, have forgotten how to speak their MT- with rose tinted glasses about Ye Olde Country- who vote every time. Some of them may have never visited even and just inherited their nationality- like some of my family in Argentina, the USA, Australia and Canada.
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