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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Democracy doesn't have to give expats who are no longer living and paying taxes in the country, and won't have to experience the consequences of their choice- the vote. Does it.

But just because somebody doesn't live in a country doesn't mean they won't be affected by the consequences of a vote does it? Pensions, jobs etc could all be seriously affected by the outcome of a vote as significant as the Brexit one.

My husband worked for long enough in the UK to be entitled to a full UK pension and paid taxes and NI contributions during all that time. Why should he not be allowed to vote in something which may have an impact on his future pension when someone from another country who has only lived there for a few years is allowed to vote?

I agree that once someone has been resident abroad for a significant amount if time (5 years maybe) should forfeit the right to vote in local elections as they will not be affected by the outcome of those but I do think they should have a vote in a general election and especially in something as important as the EU referendum.
Many many people I know were not allowed to vote due to the 15 year rule but will be directly affected when Brexit comes into force, many of them losing their jobs. There have been huge numbers of Brits living in Belgium who have applied for Belgium citizenship both before the referendum ( in anticipation of a leave vote)and after (many more now). I imagine they will be much more reticent in granting it to people who have applied since last week.
Some do not qualify as lots of EU commission workers have special permit status in Belgium which means the don't fulfil the residency requirements.
All of those I know would have voted remain.

For Brits without dual nationality living in the EU the referendum result could have very serious implications but many of them couldn't vote.

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Odile, not long ago we were having the precise reverse of this discussion. I think it was about expats voting in UK elections despite not living there or paying taxes there.

Yoiu were very much in arms that of course they should vote.

You even said that you would be voting.

And now you're saying people from outside shouldn't get involved.

Has your position changed?
I believe her position was always the same. She posted in the EU referendum petition thread that she didn't think expats should vote in elections.
It didn't stop her voting in the referendum, though which she was perfectly entitled to do under the current system.

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